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    Motherboard - Hard Disk Compatibility


      Iam using D865GSA board and previously I had Hitachi 80GB HD SATA.3 days ago I bought WD 320gb hd.When I connected it as a secondary drive it was working fine and I even copied data to it.But when I tried to use it as primary disk and installed windows XP professional intially windows copied its files and formatted the disk with NTFS but after it restarted it gave boot error.Since then it does not do anything and it would not even enter setup.It just gets stuck at the logo screen. The system works fine with the older HD.Please guide me whether the problem is with the HD or whether it has some compatibilty issues with the Board

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          the HD.

          have you got it in sata 1 mode?

          Does it still work as a secondary advice?

          have you tried it in a nother system?

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            Yes I have tried that.I connected it with my friends PC with a USB cable and it was working as a secondary device. My friend formatted the partitions and asked me to install windows again. I connected it as the primary boot device and again Windows Xp copied its files, formatted C but when it restarted again there was the problem and system would be stuck at Logo. Why it is the that the system runs it as secondary device that is when there are no windows but after I tried windows it would not respond?

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              UI hate to sya it, but unless it is the SATA 1 thing, or maybe some other random thing (old board don't know too much about  it) then there should be no reason at all that it would work as a secondary and not a primary.

              When you try to install XP now what happens does the XP installation see it still ?

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                No the installation does not see it.The system just stuck at the logo screen and and would not even enter set up. Now when i try to attach it as a secondary device the same thing happens. Please would u explain to me what is this SATA I and II thing?

                I really appreciate the interest u r showing in my problem. Thanks in advance.

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                  SATA I and II and basically specificatios on SATA. So SATA I will only reach certain speeds etc whereas SATA II is newer and faster. But some old boards only accept SATA I not SATA II, tehrefore you will need to see if on your HDD there is a jumper that you can switch place to make it only SATA I, some others you need to use a software on the CD with the HDD it all depends. There is lots of info on the web, wikip[edia and what not about SATA I and II.

                  The thing you need to do is make sure that it is not the SATA standard taht is causing the issue, so check the HDD manual and put the HDD in sata I mode see what happens and let me know!