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    Intel HD Graphics 530 HDMI issue: stopped working after update




      I just bought a new laptop and everything was working fine until the system drivers got updated to the latest issue.

      My machine:


      ASUS ROG GL552VW

      Intel i7 6700HQ

      12 GB RAM

      Nvidia GTX 960m

      Windows 10



      I plugged in my Hitachi 42' smart tv through the HDMI port and it was working fine, then both windows 10 and the device drivers were updated to the latest versions. After the reboot the HDMI port stopped working: the second screen is not being recognized (as confirmed through Intel HD Graphics control panel, the Hitachi TV is no longer recognized as a display). I tried a lot of different solutions, including:

      Manually removing and re-installing all the graphics drivers to the latest version (tried both Beta and

      Manually removing and re-installing all the graphics drivers to a very old version (roll back, in other words)

      Disabling and re-enabling the Intel HD graphic display adapter via the device manager

      Changing HDMI cable (hi speed and non hi speed)

      Changing HDMI port on the TV

      Rebooting again and again

      Win + P switching between duplicate and second screen only


      Please note: the TV and the HDMI cable are perfectly fine, I have tried my old Asus (with Win 7) on both ports and both HDMI cables and works fine


      The only thing that really worked until the following reboot was changing HDMI cable: for some odd reason when I turned on my pc with my cheaper, shorter HDMI cable the dual display did work. Then Win 10 downloaded an update and had to reboot to install it, after the reboot HDMI connection was gone again.


      This is getting really frustrating as I mainly use my laptop plugged in my big 42' screen because I work in my lounge, and in all my years using laptops I've never came across something so random. Please advise.