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    NUC6iSYH doesn't boot from M2 SSD when SATA drive connected


      I have bought a NUC6iSYH which I want to use as a small server. It has already the newest BIOS (v55) flashed.


      I've connected an ADATA XPG SX8000 (NVMe) 256GB card to the M2 slot and installed Fedora 25 on it. So far so good - everything worked perfectly.


      Now, I additionally connected a regular 2,5" SATA drive to the internal port (after having installed Fedora on the M2 SSD). It is a Samsung 640GB drive which previously worked in an other PC.


      The NUC now doesn't boot from the M2 drive anymore. In the BIOS it says that no UEFI drives are available for booting. The M2 SSD is shown in the legacy area, but when I select it, NUC won't boot from it.


      What is wrong? Is there any setting in the BIOS I missed?