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    All fans at full speed S5500BC in SC5650DP defaults


      I think the system thinks a fan has failed as I plugged one into the wrong riser, and then moved it. grrr

      Any ideas on the BIOS setting to reset to get things back to normal?


      I have tried the F9 back to defaults and the CMOS reset jumper.

      I am not sure on the fw version (don't want to turn the machine on again and wake the whole house up!) but it may be hidden in the syscfg file I saved earlier?


      I don't remember seeing anything about SFC (System Fan Control) options at boot time.. and nothing in the latest manual on this


      Everything else seems fine. I could create a RAID set, start installing the OS, but it never slowed the fans even once, even slightly!

      No beeps at startup, leds look normal.

      Thanks for a great forum.