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    Intel card and AMD Radeon card conflict


      I am using HP Pavilion g6-2102TX Laptop with i3-2370M, Intel HD Graphics 3000 and also an AMD Radeon 7670M (switchable) which unfortunately does not work. I'm currently running a Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)


      Previously, I had a Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) system where my AMD Radeon card wont start (Device manager error code 10) after every possible option of installing drivers both from HP and AMD's site. The installations would result in BSOD. After extensive Google searches, I came to know this is a pattern amongst people switchable graphics esp. on WIndows 7 Ultimate. So I reinstalled Home Premium. Now the AMD Drivers would install successfully but then the system could not start and result in a reboot loop. I came to discover if I uninstalled my Intel card and disabled it only then the system booted. But then the AMD card still wouldn't work because of Driver signature problems.


      Now, a requirement for installing the AMD card is that it requires Intel card too. I don't understand how do I solve this. Please help.