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    Camera intrinsics mismatch


      I've found that when I use the Calibration interface to query camera intrinsics (focal length and principal point), I get a different result than when I use the Device interface.


      For example, with my SR300, using Intel::RealSense::Calibration:


      calibration->QueryStreamProjectionParameters(StreamType::STREAM_TYPE_DEPTH, &depthCalib, &depthTransform);


      reports focal length of {x=475.89, y=475.89} and principal point of {x=313.28, y = 240.76}.


      But when I using Intel::RealSense::Capture::Device:


      auto depthFocalLength = device->QueryDepthFocalLength();

      auto depthPrincipalPoint = device->QueryDepthPrincipalPoint();


      I get focal length of {x=463.88, y=463.88} and principal point of {x=320.00, y=240.00}.


      Why do these two interfaces report different results?  Which is accurate?