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    4TB Seagate drive won't connect to STK1AW32SC USB 3 port


      I have a brand new Intel Compute Stick (STK1AW32SC) and a brand new Seagate Backup Plus Portable 4TB external USB 3 hard drive.  When I plug it in, it connects and disconnects several times within a few seconds (with incessant dinging and popup messages notifying me of the connection & disconnection), and quickly slows the computer to an unresponsive state.


      Some things I have tried:

      - A separate 2TB drive I have works fine

      - Plugging it into the USB 2 port works fine

      - I plugged the 4TB drive into another computer and it works fine

      - I traded in the 4TB drive for another one, and I get the same problem


      I have read this kind of behavior can be related to power consumption... but I don't know if that's the issue in this case or not (or what to do about it since this drive does not have an external power input).


      I'm not sure if it's the computer or the drive, but my last resort is to return both of them while I still can!  Anything else I can try before giving up?