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    nuc5i5myhe windows 7 install


      I am trying to install Windows 7 X64 on the nuc.   When I do however I have no mouse / keyboard to complete the install.


      I have created a usb boot / install from Rufus and ran the Windows 7 usb3.0 support image tool from Intel (on every search you do with Nuc windows 7 usb 3.0)


      Bios is the latest version.

      Ram  16gb

      disk is a intel m2 180gb and a 256gb samsun evo 750 ssd.



      I have also tried using the using the dism tools  for Windows 7 usb 3.0 creator utility


      So I'm thinking the something is wrong with what I'm doing or the driver package.   However on another model of nuc the image does work  (nuc 6i5syk ) 


      Does anyone have any ideas?