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    Help me to find the best way (best solution) to implement my project.



      First of all, excuse me for my English.

      I have some project to create. And I have some theoretical base that has to underlie that project. The theoretical base is explained on NewComputerArchitecture.com website (I place the link here because it's quite a work by itself and it contains no advertisement. So I hope the link here won't be a problem for moderators.). In short, using some simple electronic circuits inside memory chips makes it possible to execute many of tasks much faster as data can be processed by kilobytes at once in memory chips. For example, those electronic circuits and calculations they carry out make possible to search in very few cycles a string 4096 bytes long for a first digit (0..9) in it; it's as if the CPU did carry out that work using not more than 20 or 30 of its instructions (not in a cycle, just 20 or 30 instructions total). Or it becomes possible to count a number of spaces or other symbols in that string (4096 bytes long) for as long as the CPU executes 20 or 30 of its instructions. Or even to count a number of consonants in that string for as long as the CPU executes 80...150 of its instructions (roughly speaking). Or you can calculate very complex formulas in very few cycles. These are the tasks that I have already analysed for how they can be carried out using my project's solutions i.e. the electronic circuits inside memory chips. But many of the tasks are still out there.

      Now I need to find a solution that can allow to place about a billion of transistors (hundreds of millions of logic gates) onto one crystal for electronic circuits I mentioned plus about 128 or 256 MBytes of memory onto the same crystal. Also it is necessary to have a data conduit to the PC as fast as possible. These are the things that I'm not very familiar with. (But that does not mean that I have invented some crap that won't work because my devices always work as I expect them to work; whether it is an MCU project or some analog device or something else.) Can I use some PLD or FPGA or something like this for my purpose? And what PC's bus does not require great expenses in order to be used by a device assembled at a college laboratory?