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    Ram, GPU and CPU


      Recently i have bought a laptop with a i7 6500u (6th gen), it has a NIVIDIA Geforce 920mx gpu. Sadly the laptop has only 4 gigabytes of ram and i feel like I'm waisting the   power from the i7.
      - Is it worth to put more than 4 in the laptop, or leave it as it is?
      - Is the CPU able to handle more than 8 Gigs?
      - So far i was able to register on the nividia forums and i couldn't find my answer, is my gpu (Nividia Geforce 920mx) able to handle more than 8 gigs?
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          This type of memory upgrade depends on the computer manufacturer, in this case, the BIOS, the motherboard memory banks and the processor should be able to handle memory.

          At this stage, the processor supports up to 32GB of RAM.                  

          Memory TypesDDR4-2133, LPDDR3-1866, DDR3L-1600

           I would recommend contacting Nvidia for memory configuration information. Also, check with the board maker for the total amount of memory your computer can handle.