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    Intel Edison with BNO055 Adafruit Module via I²C


      Hi I want to attach an BNO055 via I²C to the Intel Edison that Iam using with the MiniBreakout Board.

      I found out, that the MiniBreakout of Intel is working with 1,8V and my Adafruit Module is working with 3V or 5V logic.

      This is the sensor : https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-bno055-absolute-orientation-sensor/wiring-and-test

      So i decided to use a levelshifter bi-directional that I connected between the Intel Edison and the BNO055 see link: SparkFun Logic Level Converter - Bi-Directional - BOB-12009 - SparkFun Electronics

      My question is the BNO055 hhas built in Pullups (10KOhm) for the I2C bus, but I read, that the miniBreakout of Intel has pullups too is it right? When yes should I remove some of them (from the sensor or Edison?). Second question is the Levelshifter has Resistors too 10KOhms, should I include the pullups for I²C from the Sensor to the Levelshifter or from the levelshifter to the Intel Edison?


      Another question is which IDE you recommend to use to programm in C the Intel Edison?

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