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    Halo 2 Vista Texture Flickering - Intel Iris 550


      So I recently purchased the new Macbook Pro 2016.


      Intel i5-6287U 3.1Ghz up to 3.5Ghz

      Intel Iris 550

      8GB RAM


      I installed Windows 10 Pro through bootcamp, updated the drivers to the latest version for Intel Iris 550 (


      However, when I open Halo 2 PC, I get texture flickering. Look at these previously posted threads and videos for examples:


      Halo 2 14 02 2016 13 54 24 - YouTube

      Halo 2 on HD 520

      Halo 2 texture flickering


      I have tried everything from rolling back my drivers to 7/1/2016 as well as upgrading to the BETA drivers however nothing seems to stop this flickering problem.


      My friend uses an Intel Iris 530 (through native Windows, no bootcamp) with the same drivers and does not experience this issue.


      I have researched this topic very thoroughly so please try not to link me to old threads or ask me to further describe the issue (a simple google search of "Halo 2 Flickering Textures" will provide you with more than enough information).