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    D845GRG not recognizing new EIDE hard drives


      My D845GRG has two EIDE 20GB Western Digital hard drives, RAID mirrored by CentOS, not hardware.  I have two EIDE 80GB Western Digital drives that I want to upgrade to.  If I remove the 20GB slave, and replace it with an 80GB drive, the machine boots.  CentOS tells me I have an unused drive, so I add it to the RAID array and the slave drive syncs up.


      Now, I remove the 20GB master drive, replace it with the former slave 80GB drive, and add a blank 80GB drive as slave (all jumper settings correct).  The computer will no longer boot in this configuration.  The BIOS starts the POST, but where it would normally display which hard drives it has detected, it just hangs.  I cannot enter BIOS setup, either.  Any advice?