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    Can not download graphic driver from IRAN , and it overheating my Lenovoz51-70 laptop :(


      Some one help


      Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500

      AMD Radeon R9 m375 4gb

      8gb Ram

      Intel Core i5

      Cooler Used

      intel download center doesn't allow me it say's we're sorry :\

      "Original 360 day kaspersky home security used for checking viruses "

      Win 8.1 (compatible with laptop)


      while using web browser my intel graphics will crash and it start overheating CPU to 79.C ,


      while wifi is off then playing gta V , OR Deus EX mankind divided , Or Dying light , or Just cause 3 , CPU temp is around 60.C with out cooler


      im sure that the problem is Desktop Graphic