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    NUCi3RYH UEFI USB boot incorrectly detecting device


      I work with several NUCi3RYH's. I was using one of them to build a master Window 10 image using audit mode/sysprep. I have 2 USB flash drives and an external USB hard drive that I use in this setup. One flash drive is the Windows 10 installation media, the other flash drive is bootable media for the disk imaging software I use, and the external hard drive is where I store the images. My NUCs boot in UEFI mode. Last night while attempting to reinstall Windows I noticed that the my Windows install flash drive was being detected as the imaging flash drive. The Windows install drive normally shows up in the boot menu as "Lexar USB Flash Drive 8.07". But this time it showed up as "JetFlashTranscend 8GB 8.07" which is my imaging flash drive. No other USB devices were connected except my Windows install drive (Lexar) and my Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse dongle. If I try to boot from it anyway the screen flashes black for a split second like it fails to boot and then comes right back to the boot menu.


      It might seem like it is a problem with the Lexar flash drive but I can take it to my other NUC's or other computers and it is detected with the correct ID and boots as expected. Even more strange is that if I boot with both flash drives connected the Transcend will appear as normal but the Lexar will then be detected as my WD Passport which is the external HDD that I use to store my images. If I try booting with all three drives connected then The WD Passport shows in the menu and two instances of the Transcend show up as well. One of them will boot with the imaging software, the other one (clearly the misidentified Lexar) will cause the screen to flicker and come back to the menu. If I boot in legacy mode the drive will show up with the right label but it can't boot because the drive is setup only for booting in UEFI mode. If I boot in mixed mode the drive will be listed twice, one in legacy mode with the correct lablel and one as UEFI with the incorrect Transcend label. If I boot into Windows all devices are detected properly. This issue occurs regardless of which USB port I connect the drive to. This issue seems isolated to UEFI mode on this particular NUC.


      I have tried restoring to the BIOS to factory defaults and I have updated the BIOS to the latest version (0361). Nothing changes. Previously it was running BIOS version 0356 when the trouble started.


      Can anyone help me figure out what is going on here?