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    Ultra-wide Display Resolution Issue


      I have reached out to support a few days ago but they have not yet provided a solution for the following issue. I was hoping that if someone may have had the same or very similar issue that they could assist me.


      I have a MSI GS60 2QE or model number MS16H5 it has an Intel HD Graphics 5600 details are posted below context


      I have connected 2 LG 25UM57 LED-lit Monitors with resolution of 2560x1080, they each have only 2 HDMI inputs


      I have one connected to my machine via HDMI Straight Through to HDMI on my machine which out puts a resolution of 2560x1080 lets call this one Monitor A


      The second is connected to my machine via HDMI from monitor to a 4K supported HDMI to MiniDP adapter (Staples brand) connected to my machine in the MiniDP which will only give me a resolution of 1920x1080 stretched across the monitor. We will call this one Monitor B


      I have swapped connections with Monitor A and the problem follows the MiniDP connection as the HDMI always outputs 2560x1080 to both monitors, all HDMI cables in question have been tested and provide a resolution of 2560x1080.


      I can create a custom resolution in Intel HD Graphics Control Panel however when I do this I can only get 44hz refresh rate before the application says it exceeds the bandwidth. I have created the 2560x1080 Custom Resolution with refresh rate of 44z this still causes further complications the monitor (B) displays "Out of Range"


      I am looking for solution or workaround for the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel Application as the physical layer has been proven to provide the proper resolution.


      I have the most up to date driver which should be noted in the attached files


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