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    I7 6700k core temp differences


      good day,


      I just completed a computer build (my second one, first one was only a month ago).


      It's got a core i7 6700k.


      When testing and watching MSI Afterburner and running prime95 (26.6) with small FFT (per another thread I saw related to this), I saw inconsistent core Temps reported.


      Core 1-2 approx 60

      Core 3-5 approx 57

      Core 5-6 approx 43-45 with jumps to high 40's/low 50's

      Core 7-8 approx mid 50's


      I have screens shots I can upload shortly.


      Should i be worried? Should I look at RMA'ing the chip? Temp differences persist, though not as extream differences when running more normal apps.