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    Flickering textures while playing Dreamfall (Intel HD Graphics 620)


      Hello everyone,


      I'm encountering a problem running the Steam version of Dreamfall on my new laptop--a Dell XPS 13 9360 with Intel HD Graphics 620.  I noticed a few textures (seemingly those that are lit up with a light source) flickering incessantly.  The only adjustment that has fixed the issue is rolling back my current graphics driver in Device Manager (from Intel to Microsoft 10.0.14393.0).  However, this comes at the price of an unbearably slow framerate, which doesn't seem to change even when I lower the graphical quality or the resolution.


      I'm desperate to play this game again (in preparation for Dreamfall Chapters), so if anyone knows how I can correct these flickering textures (or, alternatively, improve the framerate I'm getting with the older driver), I would be absolutely indebted to you.



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