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    S1200V3RPL: BMC turns off


      Hello All !

      S1200V3RPL (the new board) with the "Remote Management Module AXXRMM4Lite" module installed. BIOS updated to the latest version.

      Board has a strange behaviour: when turn it off thought Web Console it turns off completely, with the BMC. There is only one LED on the board, that always lights (green) -- power (near the main power connector). LEDs on both NICs, status and ID (rear) all turned off. It goes without saying, that there is no ping and network connectivity to the Integrated BMC Web Console.

      The BMC starts working when press on the Power Button on the front panel. System stays in the off mode, only the BMC turns on, initializes and work in ordinary mode (like when one turns on power source).


      I tried:

      • To reflash firmware for the BIOS, BMC and ME using according recovery modes (in sequence, one by one, setting according jumper with full AC power down, like it was mentioned in Recovery notes);
      • to downgrade BIOS to the v03.01.0002;
      • run the board with the other power source.