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    4790K on MSI Gaming 3 Z97 is Overheating


      Hi there,


      last week I wanted to convert some movies with handbrake and just for fun I wanted to check the temperature of my CPU.

      I've realised that the CPU runs with 100°C, and I instantly aborted the conversion. So I checked the web for a solution and people with the same problem, I found a few ideas and possible solutions to check. So I tried the following:


      - BIOS update

      - BIOS reset

      - replaced thermal grease ( a few times in a row, just to check if I did something wrong, but the result was always the same)

      - replaced Box Cooling with EKL Alpenföhn Brocken ECO

      - tried everything out of "Troubleshooting Intel® Core™ i7-4790K / i5-4690K overheating"

      - undervolting

      - turned of turbo boost


      but the result was a always the same, as soon (like 1-2secs) as i reach 100% Utilization the Core Temp is at 100°C and Thermal Throttling comes to rescue my cpu from being killed. Apart from that the system is rock solid, not even one crash!


      So my conclusion is that the thermal grease between the die and the heat spreader got old ( I own the CPU a bit over 2 years) and it's kind of isolating.

      I bought the box version of the CPU and should still have some warranty, but how can I arrange an replacement of my CPU?


      Just for Information a few Specs:


      4790K @4.0Ghz default Settings

      MSI Gaming 3 Z97 Chipset

      8 GB HyperX Beast XMP KHX16C9T3K2/8X DDR 3 1600MhZ

      MSI GTX 770 Twinforce

      Thermaltake London 550W Gold


      Hope someone could help me!