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    intel realsense r200 android sdk



      I have a Intel Real Sense R200 Camera,What is process to create a android app using Intel Real Sense?


      Should i go ahead with java and creating a android app?


      Can i go ahead with using c,c++ sdk and creating a NDK application.But in this i guess i need  c,c++ SDK for Arm Architecture[Mobile device]?


      Is there any android SDK so that i can directly go ahead?





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          There was briefly an Android-based development system called the Smartphone Development Kit, but it got cancelled last summer as Intel moved its RealSense focus away from mobile and towards the 'desktop' SR-300 cam and robotics control.  Intel also decided to stop its line of Atom mobile processors and focus the SDK on the SR-300 cam from SDK R3 onwards (R200 users have to use the older version R2 SDK now).


          So sadly, your options for making a RealSense Android app may be practically non-existent, especially without an Android phone with a RealSense camera to run such an application on.


          Edit: I should add that R200 support is likely to continue in the open-source Librealsense SDK.  That does not have a direct Android development option either though as far as I know.

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            Hi Marti, I have an android developer toolkit, do you know if there is any way to root it or it is useless right now?

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              Do you mean the RealSense Smartphone Developer Kit?  I always wondered if some preview versions of that made it out into the wild before it got canceled before it went on public sale.


              The Smartphone Developer Kit used a ZR300 camera (the one that has just been released as a standalone USB developer kit for PC).  It's difficult to say how one would root the kit, since there isn't documentation for the kit as far as I know.  I believe that it was going to run on Android OS and have its own separate RealSense SDK for Android.  So I imagine that one would root it in the same way that they would an ordinary Android smartphone, as it essentially seemed to be a standard Android smartphone, but with a ZR300 camera in it instead of an ordinary phone camera.


              Edit: the Smartphone Developer Kit was meant to be compatible with Google Project Tango, so you may get more insights on the kit's workings by checking out the Tango documentation.


              Tango Developer Overview  |  Tango  |  Google Developers

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                Yes, I have the Smartphone, it's a pretty decent device... I'll try to root it with the usual ways and see if I can update some things to make it compatible with the last tango core.

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                  Good luck!