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    Extreme Tuning Utility Suggestion for "Configure System Monitors"


      It would be nice to be able to adjust the "Configure System Monitors" to set warning levels for certain monitors.   For example:


      The TcaseMax temp for my I7-4790K is 75 degrees C.  The current monitor for "Packaging Temperature" turns to the "warning Color" at 100 degrees C. This if far beyond your recommended maximum.


      It would be nice to be able to set a user specified warning and a (new) alert color & value to user settable values. I would set my alert value 74, and the warning value to 68.


      Similarly, in the "Monitors" graphic section, your graphic Maximum Core Frequency for my processor is set at 11.32Ghz - 100%.   I doubt that my processor could ever go that fast, so I would like to set the 100% max value to lets say  4.8Ghz.


      So in summary, add a new alert value in System Monitors, and let me specify the peak values for System Monitors and the graphic monitors, for all the available monitors.


      Just a few suggestions. There is no need for Intel to respond, but maybe others could offer additional suggestions.