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    NVMe Driver Necessary?




      I have the 6i7KYK with a Samsung M2. 950 Pro NVMe drive.  I'm running Windows 10 and see that I'm using the generic Microsoft driver for the driver.  I see people online talking about installing the Samsung specific driver...  I logged into the Samsung support website and see a driver (version 2.1), but I can't download it due to some odd bandwidth limitations on their site..  (ODD!)


      Anyway, do I even need this driver?



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          Hello brudertl

          You can download the driver here: Download | Samsung V-NAND SSD

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            From http://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/downloads/document/Samsung_SSD_950_PRO_White_paper.pdf


            "Samsung NVMe drivers are Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) tested and in compliance with all the mandatory features and commands of NVMev1.1 specification and NVMe: SCSI Translation Reference v1.4.


            In addition, the Samsung NVMe driver supports optional commands, which support the following features:
            • Upgrade the device firmware using Firmware Activate and Firmware Image Download commands
            • Change the logical block addressing (LBA) data size and/or metadata size using the Format NVM command
            • Erase all user content present in the NVM subsystem so that the data is not recoverable using the Format NVM command
            • Erase all user contents present in the NVM subsystem by deleting the encryption key with which the user data was previously encrypted using the Format NVM command
            • Mark a logical block as invalid using the Write Uncorrectable command
            • Set a range of logical blocks to zero using the Write Zeros command
            • Read the command from the medium and compare the data read to a comparison data buffer transferred as part of the command using the Compare command.
            • Exercise the SSD TRIM feature using Dataset Management - De-allocate command. This is equivalent to the ATA TRIM command and the SCSI UNMAP command.

            Besides the above specificationcompliant features, the Samsung NVMe driver also provides support for disk end of life, wherein the user data in the NVM disk can still be read even when the disk exhausts the P/E cycles and becomes read oonly. Samsung recommends using the Samsung NVMe driver to get optimal sustainable performance and featurerich capabilities."


            Also you will benefit form a very slight performance increase.

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              lw1948 and iPat, thank you for your valuable help.

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