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    Intel Matrix Storage Manager Installation Problem


      I have an ICH10R based system with Intel RAID enabled in the BIOS.  During the install of Windows XP Pro x64 I used the F6 method to install the RAID controller.  I created a RAID 1 volume (mirrored) over two hard drives and successfully completed the installation of Windows.  Once Windows was up and running I applied all service packs and hotfixes.  I am currently at SP2.  I am now trying to install the Intel Matrix Storage Manger.  I downloaded the most recent version and when I run the install, I get the following message:


      This computer currently contains driver version, which is newer than the version you are about to install.  Are you sure you want to overwrite the current driver with the older version


      Should I allow the overwrite?  Why does the latest version of the Intel Matrix Storage Manager contain an older version of the driver?