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    how to save images by using SetFileName() without compression


      Hi all,


      Now i am working on save real sense R200 camera streaming images. but i encountered a problem. i tried to use the SetFileName() function to save rgb images and

      depth images. and i thought it is compressed by default. but i want to save without compress.

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

      the above information is from realSense R2 document , the chapter File Compression(experimental). i set DisableH264Compression"=dword:1, "DisableLZOCompression"=dword:1. which i thought should disable the compression.  but after i store the image to file, then playback the image. the content is different. i go over every pixel and check the pixel value before record and after read back. So i thought maybe compression lead to some information loss.

      does anyone have idea about that?