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    How to reset the bios?


      Need help restoring the BIOS settings to original settings on an intel desktop board.

      Have an Intel DG33SXG2 motherboard, similar to a Desktop Board DG33TL

      Trying to install Windows 7 on a PC that does not have an optical CD ROM drive.

      So I created a bootable USB drive and configured the BIOS on our PC to boot only from a USB.

      The bios boot screen allows you to configure the bios setup to boot from USB, but there is screen that flashes by that says

      "Serial ATA AHCI BIOS, Version UPSD src 04-20-2007

      Copyright (c) 2003-2006 Intel Corporation

      **This version supports only hard disk and CDROM drives **  which seems like a conflict with the way the BIOS screens let you configure the system.

      Any way, it let me configure the system to only boot from USB devices, and then it does not boot, only gives me this error message:

      "A bootable device has not been detected".  Pressing neither  F2  or F10 works.  Just keeps giving same error. Locked out of BIOS.

      See video of the system failing to boot:  http://www.veoh.com/browse/videos/category/technology_and_gaming/watch/v198229753SweFZBS#


      How can I reset the bios?









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          Down on the board there is a 3 pin jumper with a 2 slot plastic connector called the BIOS Configuration Jumper.  Shut your system down, open the chassis and find that jumper.  Move that jumper from it's current 2 pins, to the other 2 pins (still sharing the center pin in both positions).  Now start your system up and it will boot into "BIOS Maintenance Mode"  That mode is good because it boots using all the default settings but it displays YOUR current settings.  You can either change back the setting that "broke" your setup, or you can hit F9 to load ALL defaults, and F10 to Save&Exit.


          After making those changes, shut the system off.  Move the jumper back, and restart.  Now your system should be running at full defaults.


          If that still does not do it, you can do all the same steps as above except add one more thing.  After shutting the system down and moving the BIOS Configuration Jumper, remove the power cable from the supply, remove the 3.3v CMOS battery and let the system sit for a minute or so.  Then replace the battery, and the power supply cord and boot into Maintenance mode to clear out settings and save/exit.


          Hopefully that will solve the issue.

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            That did it!  THANKS!

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              Hi, I am trying to recover from 3 beeps and have now posted about 3 posts explaining various symptoms and probably beginning to confuse people.

              I am trying to understand what you meant by the last instance you mentioned of Maintenance mode in this quote from your reply Edwin Tracy.....


              "Then replace the battery, and the power supply cord and boot into Maintenance mode to clear out settings and save/exit."


              I am thinking to put the jumper back onto the 2-3 pins again but that does not seem logical and then look for a Clear Out Settings option in there. What do you mean by "Maintenance mode" there please?

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                As the Intel engineer said above: if you are resetting the bios, you move the jumper;  start up (power up) the system; then power down (turn off the power) and move the jumper back; then the bios will be reset.

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                  3 beep sound is regarding to your ram.. check your memory

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                    Go to this http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-022312.htm and you can open and read or view the video on the method that you prefer on resetting your bios.