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    XPE support on DQ57TM desktop board?



        I just got a DQ57TM desktop motherboard and want to load and run XPE on it.  The Intel website only lists standard Windows options (including XP Pro).  I am not sure if I can simply use the XP Pro drivers and utilities and/or BIOS updates.  I am new to XPE and am looking for some guidance from more seasoned pros.  Thanks.

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          Survey suggests yes, though I haven't got the time to try it.

          The DQ57TM I have here I need to ship on monday running XP. After that I have to work on a q45 series board to go in railway station signage.


          I can fireup TAP and see what devices it has. Or you can simply do it yourself.


          install xp pro, make sure you get all the devices in the device manager, then run tap, take the pmq file and import that into target designer

          and watch it howl like crazy about missing devices.

          Probably just converting the intel INF will be enough to get you up and running. I have done this but not tested it yet.