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    Dual monitor setup, not working properly, HD 530




      I have the following setup:


      Motherboard: Asus H170-Pro

      CPU: i3 6100


      I have 2 monitors

      Dell U2414H (1920x1080@60Hz) using HDMI

      LG W1943 (1360x768@60Hz) using DVI


      Windows 10 64bit with the latest Intel drivers & Linux Manjaro

      On linux the monitors work perfectly. The problem lies on windows.


      When windows boots up, the second monitor (LG) does not power on. Windows cannot find it even if I manually search for it.

      It can only be detected by the Intel Control Panel.

      When the second monitor gets detected by the Intel control panel, the vertical refresh rate of the Dell monitor drops from 60Hz to 35.

      If I change the refresh rate, does not matter if from the intel control panel or from windows, the outcome is the same, the second monitor goes out of range (it says on the screen out of range 82.8Khz / 104Hz) and I cannot do anything to fix this.


      Any help would be appreciated.