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    Intel board s5520sc 3 beep error code... Help!


      Hi all !


      First of all I apologize for my bad english, in addiction this is my first post in a discussion, so you can imagine :).

      I really hope someone can help me with my trouble.

      I've bought a new workstation hardwares some day's ago that I assembled and I have a very small but big problem.


      In the startup moment of PC I must wait about 20sec before the bios start, with 3 beep error. But then the computer work.


      The workstation is configurated as follow:


      Mother board : intel s5520sc

      Power supply : Enermax revolution 1050W

      Processors : 2 Xeon 5520 (2,26Ghz)

      RAM : 24Gb (6*4Gb) Kingston DD3 1333Mhz ECC Reg w/Parity CL9 (KVR1333D3D4R9S/4G)

      Hard disk : 1 intel SSD X-25 160 Gb

      Video card : nVidia Quadro 580

      CASE : Cooler master Cosmos pure black


      So, 3 beep, bios, etc etc...

      With this problem I anyway installed the SO and programs without problems.

      But in the bios, RAM is detected as 1067Mhz no 1333 !! (mmm...)


      I search in the intel site to know what 3 beep meen and I've found memory problem.


      I check everythink:

      -certified RAM

      -I've populate the six ram bank in the six blue ram connector ( A1,B1,C1,D1,E1,F1)

      -I've try all the RAM I have in 8Gb configuration ( 2*4Gb Ram mounted in A1,D1 )

      -I make sure the video card on board is disable on bios


      I must say:

      - When I power up my workstation, rear LED of mother board ( ! ) is always on.

      - In windows I see processor detected correctly


      After a lot of test I think the RAM is highest reason of error, but after all test I have always this 3 beep.

      I must find a solution to know if there are some fault component I must changed after this investment


      Thanks in advance.

      Cheers, Lookinvfx