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    Bios - Secure boot is not showing up! Need to disable




      I am having troubles with my bios because the secure boot is not showing up for me at all. I have looked everywhere but nothing at all.

      I am using BIOS and not UEFI. I also have the acer aspire M5910 model. My BIOS is AMI (American Megatrends INC) 1985-2010 Intel H57.


      Here are couple of pictures from my BIOS settings:

      Bios Menu.JPG


      Product information.JPGStandard CMOS Features.JPGAdvanced BIOS Features.JPGAdvanced Chipset Features.JPGIntegrated peripherals.JPGPower Management Setup.JPGPc Health Status.JPGFrequencyVoltage Control.JPGSupervisor password.JPGChanged password.JPGSecurity option.JPG


      If you need more information let me know!


      I have tried everything and i really need this problem fixed. If you could help me out i will be truly grateful. Thanks