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    Skull Canyon Thunderbolt update says "No active controller found"


      Environment: NUC6i7KYK "Skull Canyon", BIOS v 42, Win10 Pro x64, current with Windows Update, all current drivers from intel.com as of Friday. No devices, TB or otherwise, connected to TB port.


      Desciption: Intel "Thunderbolt-3-Firmware-Update-Tool.zip" updater says "No active Thunderbolt controller found in the system or Thunderbolt software is not present in the system" when run. The Thunderbolt Settings Device Connection Details also shows no Thunderbolt controller box. Device Manager Show Hidden Devices also doesn't seem to show a TB controller. I have confirmed that Thunderbolt is enabled in the BIOS Devices->Onboard Devices->Thunderbolt Controller setting.


      I don't (yet?) have any Thunderbolt device. Is there no way to see/set/update Thunderbolt firmware without a Thunderbolt device present and connected?!? My Skylake Dell XPS13 has no such restrictions and can update without TB device(s) present and shows controller details in the Thunderbolt Settings Device Connection Details box, and the TB controller cn be seen in Device Manager Show Hidden Devices.