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    Skull Canyon Display Port vs. Dell monitor: bad display sleep karma


      Environment: NUC6i7KYK "Skull Canyon", BIOS v 42, Win10 Pro x64, current with Windows Update, all current drivers from intel.com as of Friday, Dell U2410 display connected via DisplayPort. No firmware updates available from Dell for the display. Cable is Monoprice 13373 Select Series mini DisplayPort 1.2 to DisplayPort 1.2 cable.


      Description: When Win10 shuts down the display via "Power & sleep, turn screen off after x minutes" setting, the display and NUC get in some kind of race condition where the display keeps changing from sleep to wake to sleep in a several second cycle. Mouse/keyboard activity does not change this condition. If the computer goes to sleep, then it comes back up fine. If I turn the display off/on from the power button, Windows audio bings a bunch of device state bings, and the display comes back up fine. Tried changing from DP to HDMI and HDMI seems to work as expected. Same monitor, different PC/different graphics card/driver, but also via DP and Win10 Pro x64, successfully powered down and up for years. All other functions, this monitor/cable/system seem to work exactly as expected.


      Any suggestions/path to solution? Thanks in advance!

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