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    Swarm capability


      I know Intel has shown some wicked cool deployments and demos of swarms.


      I there someone we can get in touch with regarding this code?


      We have an immediate need for a customer, and have several projects in queue which are looking for a swarm solution.


      Any assistance would be great.





      Stealth Mode Projects, LLC

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          Intel Corporation
          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

          Hi Chuck,

          Let us investigate this a little bit more. We would like to ask the team in charge if there’s something we can share or provide regarding your request.

          Kind regards,

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            I would also like to know what code you used for swarm.




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              It looks as though the drones used in the swarms are a custom design.


              Disney Makes History with First U.S. Light Show Powered by 300 Intel Drones - iQ by Intel


              "Intel Shooting Star drones are made out of foam and flexible plastic,” said Natalie Cheung, drone light show business director for Intel’s UAV Group.  “They weigh only 280 grams (less than 10 ounces). There are no screws.  Each propeller rotates inside a protective cage.  They’re designed to be safe, reliable and easy to fly.”


              There's also this Intel press article.


              Intel and Drone Technology – Breaking New Ground


              The article says that Intel have obtained an FAA waiver to allow a swarm to be flown at night by a single operator.  It could be speculated, then, that these drones will be publicly purchasable sooner rather than later.


              Here's a high-res image of the drone in close-up and an accompanying descriptive plaque.  Click on the image to see it in full size.




              A range of others source say about the Shooting Star:


              "Unlike Intel’s commercial drones, which have a collision avoidance camera system to detect and route around obstacles, the Shooting Star drones don’t talk to each other.  They only communicate with the pilot over radio control."


              "Each drone is packed with full-color-range LED lights.  The drones fly with the help of Intel’s automation software, which allows artists to design aerial animations with hundreds of drones"


              "The new Shooting Star drones aren’t equipped with RealSense.  Instead, the drones are completely controlled by the master computer and operator on the ground."


              " None of the Shooting Stars and the Falcon 8+ are available for sale.  Also, there’s no news on how Intel plans to bring this amazing piece of technology in the market. So, until users get any clarity on how they can but the drones, this is just a demonstration to awe people with truly complex patterns of light using 500 drones."


              So it can be implied from this information that there is not a piece of individual code that can be released for use with the current drone range, and the Shooting Stars instead use a software package to design the swarm display.


              Edit: a news story was just released that a drone swarm (not confirmed to be Intel-made but suspected to be so) is thought to be part of Lady Gaga's Super Bowl half-time show.


              Lady Gaga's Super Bowl show will tout 'hundreds' of drones


              Edit 2: Here's a video of the drone show.


              300 Drones Powered By Intel with LADY GAGA Created An American Flag For Her Super Bowl Halftime Show - YouTube

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                Same here. We at MEC Global would like to use the Shooting Star drone swarm in a special project in Europe for one of our global clients.


                Can you point me in the right direction to make this happen? Who can I talk to in order to explore this further?

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                  My experience is that trying to make contact with specific Intel employees outside of the support teams gets you no response.  You will probably have more luck if you go through the official front-door with your initial inquiry.  Intel has a form for requesting speakers for events.  That way, you may be able to get directed to the appropriate person who can help you by having the form's handlers make inquiries to the drone team on your behalf.


                  Contact Intel in Your Community

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                    Yes, tried the front door already in numerous ways. Let's just say that Intel makes it quite hard for people who mean serious business to contact them directly.

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                      It's not just Intel.  I have made inquiries to numerous companies on behalf of clients I work with about business opportunities and got no response at all.  Sometimes it is because they simply do not have the time and resources to take on another project as well as the work they are currently doing.


                      Whilst I am not a drone expert, I suspect that a similar display could be hacked together using regular commercial drones such as Intel Ready To Fly kits and some custom programming and LEDs attached.  I would imagine that it would be the custom programming that may be the hardest bit, in order to replicate with hundreds of individual onboard controllers (1 on each drone) what the Shooting Stars achieve efficiently through connection to a single master computer and their show design software.  There is also the cost of purchasing such drones, versus having Intel use their own existing Shooting Star display drones.


                      Edit: if there were a way to replicate drone pattern creation with your own custom programming, it occurs to me that a good source of reference would be the path-finding AI used for non-player characters in videogames, where each character navigates to where they need to be by following a set of rules (e.g plot a route around obstacles, don't walk on the grassy areas, etc).  Using such systems, games can create enemy patrols, dynamic road traffic and city citizens who seem to be independently going about their business, even though they are really following relatively simplistic decision trees that determine their behavior


                      Where there's a will, there's a way.  Good luck!

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                        True and maybe they are not really looking to broaden their approach too soon, rather than go for select tentpole brand events. But that's exactly what I have in mind. I also thought about replicating their approach and do much of the development from scratch. But the needed time to market simply doesn't allow for this. Also, we are talking about both hard- and software that would need to get done. And especially the latter part is everything but trivial.


                        Anyhow, thanks for the encouraging words and fruitful exchange.

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                          You're welcome!


                          BTW, if mass drones are not practical in your time-frame, a different angle would be to use augmented reality headsets at the event (AR is just as hot a tech as drones right now) and project a digital display of a drone-show like pattern into the headset as an overlay on the real world that looks totally realistic.  The AR equipment can already be bought off the shelf and would not need modification.  You would just need to create a digital light-show to project in the headset.  AR would also allow you to add further effects that even RL Shooting Star drones could not do, to make an even more spectacular display.




                          Virtual Reality Fireworks - Maker Edition - YouTube

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                            The drone product used in those events is the Intel® Falcon™ 8+ and the group currently actively working to get established in the US.  I have passed the information of those that have expressed interest in the product into that group and they should be reaching out to you shortly. 


                            Please let me know if you have any questions.



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                              Thanks Chris, much appreciated. Looking forward to speaking to them.


                              Have a nice day.

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                                Anyone interested in the shooting stars please send me a private message with your contact information and I will get your contact information to the right person. 




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                                  I'm getting an "Access Denied" error when I try to submit a question to the Intel "Contact us" page:

                                  Contact Intel in Your Community


                                  Any suggestions?


                                  I'm trying to purchase a 200 platform swarm system from them and they make it really difficult.


                                  Anyone have a contact at Intel that can help me.




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                                    In the message above yours, ChrisIntel offers to be a contact point for forwarding messages regarding the drone swarms.


                                    Re: Swarm capability


                                    As the earlier messages in this discussion thread say though, although you may be able to arrange for Intel to perform a swarm display on your behalf, you cannot purchase the drones or their custom show design software yourself yet.


                                    Chris said that the drone used in recent swarm shows was the Falcon 8+.


                                    Intel® Falcon™ 8+ Drone


                                    There's a link here for registering your interest for when a date for pre-orders of the Falcon 8+ to begin is known.


                                    Purchase expert UAS /// Intel Falcon 8+ : Ascending Technologies

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