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    Dell T110 II S100 PERC identifies new HDD as an SSD - can't move forward


      This is a Dell T110 II running Windows Server 2008 R2 with PERC S100/S300 RAID 5.

      One of the HDDs was taken out of the 3-skik array and is now running DEGRADED.


      I removed the old HDD and replaced it with a new on IN THE SAME SLOT.

      The new one has been identified as an SSD!!

      I can't proceed as an SSD is "the wrong kind of drive" to be brought into the array.


      In view of the slot ID, the simple-minded BIOS, etc. this can't be a BIOS issue.

      Somewhere I read about this being a driver issue but I can't find the reference.

      No matter what, I need to preserve this system as it's in production.

      I can work on it over the weekend but can't afford to "lose" its functionality.

      So, if it's a driver issue then I have to be convinced that whatever is recommended won't blow away the array which is still working in DEGRADED mode.