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    LLVM compiler backend for Quark SE C1000's DSP (ARCv2)?


      Hey everyone,


      I'm working on a really exciting hobby-and-commercial project with Quark SE C1000, and want to take advantage of the Quark SE C1000's second processor (the ARCv2 DSP core).


      I'm working with an LLVM compiler front-end, but I haven't been able to track down an ARCv2 compiler backend for ARCv2 quite yet.


      What are you guys doing to take advantage of the chip?  I'd use GCC for this, but there are some GPL licensing concerns there (esoteric linking concerns) so I'm hoping someone knows of an LLVM back-end that can take advantage of this awesome second processor.


      [ Intel--do you have something available?  Need help getting something bootstrapped?  I've built compilers in the past ]


      Thanks everyone,