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    Interpreting Memory Test Results


      I have a custom built computer with an Intel D850MV motherboard, 2GB RAM (4 256MB 333Mhz RAMBUS RIMMS - two in bank 0 and two in bank 1). I am running Windows XP Professional and am getting lots of stop nerrors indicating Memory_Management.  I ran Memtest86+ V4.0 on all four RIMMS, with each test using two RIMMS in bank 0 and two continuity RIMMS in bank 1.  When tested, no memory errors were detected with any pair of RIMMS in bank 0.  However, when a pair of tested RIMMS were added to bank 1 so that all four RIMMS were installed, Mtest86+ detects memory errors as soon as it gets to test 8 (modulo test).  I am not sure how to interpret these results?  Bad memory, bad motherboard, or something else?  This has been a problem ever since I bought the computer, but I only recently have had time to work on it.  I would appreciate any suggestions.