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    Spare Parts




      Where I work, we have a RealSense (it is the model that says "designed by CREATIVE" in the box).


      Anyhow, the usb cable is corrupted.


      I cannot for the life of me find where Intel sells replacement parts...


      I have someone that can replace the cable for me, but I am unable to find spares...


      Help please!

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi rpmcruz,

          Thanks for your interest in the Intel Realsense Technology.

          The USB cables can't be acquire as a spare part, you should know that this cables have been test and rated specifically for the camera. We can't recommend to use another, because it may or no may not work.

          Now that said, if you still want to try with another cable, see this thread (Cable length for SR300)  where a customer uses another USB cable that work for him.

          Hope you find this information useful, have a nice day!

          Best Regards,