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    ISP documentation


      Where's the ISP documentation?   All I can find is marketing fluff about how it has an ISP but no description of performance, resolution etc.   If there's no documentation then where's the documentation for the graphics processor itself, surely that exists.


      I see a question from November asking for the same but getting no answer...   I don't need hand holding and examples but I do need some information.

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          Hi ericengineer,

          Thanks for your interest in the Intel Joule Platform.

          I will investigate more about the Joule's ISP documentation and get back to you as soon as I have some useful information.

          Have a nice day!

          Best Regards,

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            Hi ericengineer,


            I was just following up on this as it's been sitting open a bit. We have some drafts of the documentation but they're not finalized yet so I apologize we have nothing to share externally yet. Our developers know our customers are looking for it and we'll post an update on this forum when the content becomes available. Again, I apologize for the delay. Thank you!


            Mary T.

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              Hi ericengineer,
              I appreciate your patience.

              Again, thanks for your interest in the Intel® Joule™ Compute Module.
              Intel is currently finishing up a MIPI CSI enabling package for the module. At this time, we are unable to state the exact scope of the package; what we can share are some specifications to assist project definition.
              The Intel® Joule™ compute module has two MIPI CSI connectors referred to as JCAM1 and JCAM2.  Each will accept a single 2x20 printed flexible circuit attached to one camera module (13MP and 5MP resolutions respectively), that in turn routes the imaging data to the ISP within the SOC.
              These third-party camera solutions will be sold by distributors, while a future software update will add MIPI CSI driver support to Linux* based operating systems for the Intel Joule compute module.
              Understand that frame rates, features and use cases are still being validated. Relevant information will be shared in the second quarter of 2017, when the MIPI CSI enabling package becomes available.

              Thank you for your understanding.

              Best Regards,
              -Jose P.