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    downgrade firmware from 8DV101F0 to 8DV10171




      We are currently using Intel SSD SSDPE2MD400G4 (intel-nvme) P3700 for vmware vsan 6.0 U2 p4.


      About two weeks ago, we are having problem with the nvme so that vmware support ask us to upgrade the firmware to the latest.


      At the time of delivery, the nvme used 8DV10171

      Now, nvme use 8DV101F0


      Unfortunately, after we check the latest firmware have not certified by vmware (we are using vmware vsan.


      The support ask us (again) to downgrade the firmware to 8DV10171


      Is there any workaround for downgrade the firmware ?


      we have try several tools but is does not work.

      Tools said that we already using the latest firmware.


      Any help appreciated.