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    Why my computer is in freeze state sometimes?



      (Sorry for bad english )


      Here is my problem:

      Sometimes (every 5-50 times), when I turn on computer, Windows (7 X64) is in freeze state for 1-5 seconds every ~10 sec.

      Freeze state - When nothing happen. Coursor not moving, games not responding (like big lags) etc...

      There is only one thing to eleminate problem - restart (from start menu )

      After restart everything works fine. Fine for next 5-50 turns on.


      My question is: how to solve this problem? It's Hardware or software problem? Any got idea??


      My hardware:

      Proceessor: Intel I7 920
      MB: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P
      RAM: OCZ DDR3 Triple Channel 3x2048MB 1333MHz CL7.0 BOX Platinum Edition (setted properly in BIOS)
      Graph: Palit XpertVision GeForce GTX 275
      HDDs: RAID 0 with 3 disks -  Samsung SpinPoint F1 HD322HJ (used Intel ICH10R)
      PSU: BeQuiet 650W Dark Power
      Mouse: Razer Naga

      Keyboard: Logitech MX3200

      CD/DVD: LG (I know only producent for that moment)

      In case are 4 fans (80mm).


      I don't have OC.


      PS: Yesterday I upgraded BIOS firmware, restarting few times and was hope, that will help, but today i got this issue again...

      PPS: I heard something about HT incompatible devices or softwares issues, but don't know it is true.


      I hope this thread is in good place. If not please move it