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    Will Apollo Lake NUCs do 4K Netflix and UHD-BD?


      All the press about Netflix opening up 4K specify that Kaby Lake is required due to it's hardware DRM and the press releases don't mention Apollo Lake hardware, which has been out for a few months now. As Apollo Lake sports the same GPU hardware as Skylake but with a 7th generation Core CPU, will it be able to do Netflix 4K and the eventual UHD-BD format that requires the new DRM hardware built into the latest generation of Intel CPU?

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          Hello NucNucMoose,

          In regard to your concern after an Internal research. I was able to confirm that there could be some improvements on Apollo Lake in the future for a better support for 4K. And at this moment it does supports 4K.

          As you have mentioned that Apollo Lake it is not listed by Netflix, you can confirm directly with them if there is a specific reason, related to compatibility or beyond to that why it is not listed.

          Netflix Help Center

          I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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            It is my understanding that Intel, Microsoft, and Netflix have entered into an agreement to promote sales of Kaby Lake-equipped hardware by claiming that only the latest laptops and desktops from manufacturers that offer Kaby Lake can do Netflix 4K. We already know that Kaby Lake has the required Play Ready hardware for Netflix 4K and UHD-BD. In various press releases that reference this matter, the term "7th-generation Intel Core processor" is also used. Apollo Lake is classified as such by your company. Quite a few manufacturers released low-cost Apollo Lake NUCs and HTPC mini-PC boards last year, with HDMI 2.0, making them ideal for Netflix 4K and UHD-BD on the PC, both of which are being launched at this year's CES.  What we don't know - and what your company has not divulged - is whether or not Apollo Lake - which you have classified as 7th-generation Intel Core processor hardware - does in fact have the Play Ready hardware required to do both and will be functional for 4K Netflix and UHD-BD. Netflix simply refers me to the official press release on their Tech blog and tells me to ask Intel, which is what I have done.

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              Apollo Lake is Intel Atom/Pentium/Celeron processors (the follow-on to Braswell) and are specifically not Intel Core processors. You are misreading something...

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                Yeah, it was information provided by a third-party Asian OEM, ASRock. That's why I came on here to ask. It didn't sound right, yet they are pushing these as 4K media system building products ready for 4K Netflix and UHD-BD. Since Apollo Lake products have been out for several months and Intel hasn't really spoken about them at all, it's hard to get accurate information, let alone any answers about what they can do. Even the available literature for the upcoming Apollo Lake NUC has nothing useful to give about 4K use, other than it's got an HDMI 2.0 conversion chip, just like the other Apollo Lake products. It would be nice to have a firm answer about what these new products can and cannot do since 4K Netflix and UHD-BD are being unveiled at CES.