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    NUC - DC 53427HYE successor?




      i need to replace my NUC - DC 53427HYE which is the new successor of this NUC?



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          Any of the 6th or 7th generation of NUCs would replace it. The 6th generation is easy to find online and very stable due to it's age, so you might as well go with that.


          Just go here: Intel® NUC Products and look at any of the 6th and 7th generation NUCs. Pick what you want.

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            Actually Alex, we have to be a bit more careful in answering this question...


            The (3rd generation Intel Core processor-based) D53427RKE (board) and D53427HYE (system) were the first NUC board/system products to ship with full Intel VPro support. The currently available successors to these NUCs are the (5th generation Intel Core processor) NUC5i5MYBE (board) and NUC5i5MYHE (system).


            I know that Intel has a 7th generation Intel Core Processor-based NUC with VPro support on the roadmap, but full details for this NUC have not been released as yet. Historically, the VPro-based NUC product has trailed the release of the same-generation non-VPro-based NUC products by ~6 months.


            Hope this helps,


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