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    Libraries for Quark D2000


      Hello everyone,

      I'd like to know if there's some kind of documentation for the to-include libraries for programming the D2000.

      For instance the qm_common.h, qm_gpio.h, qm_pinmux.h are some libraries that i've seen in several examples but I don't know when to use those libraries.


      Thanks in advance.

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          The Intel QMSI API documentation is included with Intel System Studio for Microcontrollers. For the latest (update 1) version it, the documentation is located here:

          Windows path: C:\IntelSWTools\ISSM_2016.1.067\firmware\bsp\1.1\doc\

          Linux path (central installation): /opt/intel/issm_2016.1.057/firmware/bsp/1.1/doc/

          Linux path (installation in a user directory): ~/intel/issm_2016.1.057/firmware/bsp/1.1/doc/