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    Compute stick browser GPU acceleration


      Does the Intel compute stick have GPU (video decoding) acceleration in browser (chromium)?


      I'm working on a kiosk project where we're using software (made by another company) that runs in chromium.
      I've tried using an "Odroid C2" but these small Linux SBC's do not support 1080P playback in browser.

      The main problem om Linux SBC's is the support for video decoding in browser (there simply isn't any hardware support, and the CPU can't keep up with 1080P).


      The program is working on an Intel NUC, however they're too pricey for these kiosk applications.


      So my question is:


      Does the Intel Compute stick run 1080P video in browser (chromium)? (And is it done in hardware?)


      I'm also curious if the windows version and the linux version of the stick would differ on this point. Does the Windows version include codecs and/or better hardware support in browser?