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    Intel 540s Series 240GB SSD issue GA-MA78GM-US2H motherboard?



      I am having a issue on installing Windows 10 x64. After partition the disk it takes a long time to copy files to the SSD. It can take an hour to do this step. I have attached a graphic
      to illustrated the step I mean.


      I am installing Windows 10 as a fresh installation onto an Intel SSD: Intel 540s Series 240GB SSD SSDSC2KW240H6X1, which is brand new.


      However if instead I try to install Windows 10 onto a HDD it only takes 20 minutes to complete the same steps.


      I am wondering if there are any compatibility issue with this SSD and Windows 10?


      The motherboard is a GA-MA78GM-US2H revision 1.0


      After I did eventfully get Windows 10 going I downloaded the Intel Toolbox and did both tests of the drive and all the tests passed.


      Do you have any suggestions?