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    Issues with i7 6700k freezing during games


      Hello, I have recently I bought a new motherboard, cpu, ram and cpu cooler.

      The instillation went without a hitch and everything worked, however, I noticed that my games for example CSGO, League of Legends or Arma 3 keeps freezing every 10-30 minutes in-game.

      I have my Intel and BIOS drivers updated.

      My specs are: Asus Maximus VIII Ranger

                             i7 6700k @4.2Ghz

                             *No GPU present*

                             2x4GB of DDR4 @3200mhz (CMK8GX4M2B3200C16)

                             CX750 PSU

                             2 Corsair fans + 1 defualt case fan

                             Cooler master Evo 212x with artic cooler mx4 paste


      When the system is stressed with prime95 it only goes up to 86 degrees celcius.

      and when gaming stays around 40 degrees celcius.

      It is quite annoying especially when you are playing with friends.


      May you please help.


      P.S. I ran the IPDT and it passed.


      Thank you.

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