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    intel i219-v onboard nic wake up from sleep problem




      I have a B150M-DH3 F6 gigabyte board with a intel i219-v onboard NIC. Using windows 7 x64 pro. Clean install on 01/01/2017.


      Symptom :


      When computer resumes from sleep mode, link speed changes to 10mbs and I lose my network connection.


      I tried :

      - newest intel drivers

      - rolling back drivers

      - turning off all power saving options in NIC preferences

      - forcing 1gbs speed in NIC preferences

      - forcing 100mbs speed in NIC preferences

      - fiddling with BIOS settings (no power saving settings in BIOS for onboard NIC)


      All to no avail.

      I usually need one (sometimes two) reboots to fix the problem.


      Please help!