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    bsod with igdkmd64.sys error


      I am getting the BSOD 0x03B and says the igdkmd64.sys, at AddressFFFFFF880054EB772.

      It is the same issue that Lenovo, HP are having on the new high end laptops all with Intel HD Graphics 530.

      I am on a Dell Latitude E5470, adn E5570.

      The customers are all using WebEx or doing hifgh usgae video graphics, which is why I think the issue was to Uninstall and reinstall the Video driver, that worked.

      For 3 weeks and then the same error.


      I tried a unconventional approach, I went to another model of the exact samen as the Dell that was BSOD, I copieds the (igdkmd64.sys) from a the same model, that had not blues screened.


      And moved it into the C:\windows\system32\drivers and the 5 people I have done this to,have yet to repeat the BSOD, even dioing the exact same things, sharing screen, using Web cam hosting multiple users, and not 1 has BSOD.

      Now the file is from another see attached, and not always a newer sys file, some times older.

      Using LSoftTechnologies Tool there is the 2 SYS files and they a ere opened in the view of the MFT record, so it beaks down the file, and it is interesting, because they are both


      here is a few Images from the Software recovery Tool. Does any one have answer as to why the krnl file for the Intel 530 can reolve in such an unusual way?https://fud.community.services.support.microsoft.com/Fud/FileDownloadHandler.ashx?fid=365dd388-ca4a-4781-a9aa-be954b866899https://fud.community.services.support.microsoft.com/Fud/FileDownloadHandler.ashx?fid=691dc908-eb15-421f-969b-e0bcecb5f379