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    NUC5CPYH power on problems


      I bought a NUC5CPYH yesterday and installed 8GB RAM and a SSD I still had. Installed Windows 10 and updated it completely. And then installed Kodi. Some finetuning and everything was up and running. The NUC is intended to be used as a 2nd mediaplayer upstairs. The first use of the NUC went flawlessly.


      But today the NUC appears to be completely dead; it refuses to power on. I took it downstairs and plugged it into the power adapter, hdmi- and networkcable of my 1st NUC but still nothing. Okay, the power adapter isn't to blame.


      But it appears strange to me that a perfectly running NUC now gives no sign of live at all. What to do next? Any suggestions about what to try next?


      English is not my native language; I'm sorry for any errors.