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    intel gpu and nvidia gpu crashes each other


      I use P35X V6 laptop that carries i7-6700hq and gtx1070 in it. I had this wired freezing problem since I bought this one about a month ago. I use win 10 pro 64bit ver and when I click the start menu screen freezes for a sec and then come back to normal. Same goes when I enter GeForce experience. And I have some occasional freezes when I click the battery icon or wifi icon at the bottom right or surfing the interent using chrome. Funny thing Is that when I turn of 1070 from the bios, the freezing never happens. Same goes when I deleted the NVidia driver using ddu. And the other thing is that when I play games or other graphic related works using 1070, or just simply turn it on using windows sticky note, freezing never happens.  When the NVidia driver is installed and my graphic card is turned off, the freeze happens. There are no such warning signs or what I can detect from the diagnostic softwares, just 1 sec mouse freeze and that's all but annoying as hell. I heard from some other forum that It might be intel hd graphics and NVidia driver crashes each other situation but haven' t got any luck fixing it. I installed the latest version drivers but no good. I tried reinstalling the windows and the drivers after deleting everything but no good. I sent this thing to repair but what they did is just installing a softwere that keep the graphic card on, which drains my battery like hell. I think there are only monkeys at the gigabyte repair. I want REAL SOLUTION.

      I really need some help. Please help me save my laptop.